Kipling Journal: KJ234

Published: Jun 1985

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8Kipling Journal, The. Forms of members’ address + 214/12Editorial
9Jerome. Jerome Klapka Jerome (1859-1927): a new SocietyEditorial + 235/08
10Annual luncheon 1985, including the address by Professor Pinney
17Phantom Rickshaw & other eerie tales: an Indian Railway Library coverKipling, Lockwood (?)
18STRANGE RIDE OF MORROWBIE JUKES (WWW). Kipling and DanteHanquart, Evelyne + illus
21&23Dante. Inferno: illustrations (3) + 234/06Doré, Gustave
25STRANGE RIDE OF MORROWBIE JUKES (WWW). … a BrahminKipling, Lockwood (illus)
27LAND AND SEA TALES. Bibliographic query R 235/51C + R
27Naval identification + photograph R 235/63 236/39C + R
30REWARDS & FAIRIES. Cryptogram queryC4
34Freemasonry. And the swastika + illus pp35/37/39C10
40Simla. Kipling’s SimlaC3
41Holt. Combined List of the H. Dunscombe Holt Kipling CollectionC
42Hong Kong. On stage in Hong KongC
44Cult of the number: 46th Psalm and ShakespeareC
44Foot of the letter: Kipling’s word combinations queryC
45Mirrielees connection. Based on an unpublished biography: 04. In S. AfricaRobinson, Faith [1900/illus]
48Uncle Ruddy remembered: 03. Routine of family life at Bateman’sHoward, Lorna
50Stalky: 6. More extracts from the Dunsterville diaries: Relating to Kipling[1937-39]
58Kipling Society, The. Finances in 1984Bittleston, T.S.

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