Kipling Journal: KJ306

Published: Jun 2003

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9BULL THAT THOUGHT (D&C). Comments by Jean MalerRives, Max (Adapted by)
12Motoring. Kipling and the Motoring DiariesBendle, Meryl Macdonald
29Bohemia. Kipling in BohemiaPinney, Prof. Tom
34Culpeper, Nicholas. See also: ‘Excellent Herbs Had Our Fathers of Old’
34DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (R&F). See also: ‘Excellent Herbs Had Our Fathers of Old’
34Excellent Herbs Had Our Fathers of OldEngle, George
53Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch closesKennedy, Rosalind
54Kipling Society, The. Centenarian member
59Kipling Society, The. Public readings: a successful experiment at Hove
59New Readers’ Guide.Walker , John
60Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 75, 2002. Minutes
66Kipling Society, The. Annual accounts, 2002. Statement

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