Kipling Journal: KJ010

Published: Jul 1929

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2SCHOOL HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Banned in British GuianaNews & Notes
3Kipling Society, The. Badge ‘brings a member luck’News & Notes
3PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS. Flora Annie Steel = Mrs Hauksbee?News & Notes
4Rotherham Council reject ‘Kipling’ street names as ‘he didn’t write poetry’News & Notes
4Swastika [: ‘…a sign…of the widest and most appropriate application…’]Brown, Edgar
6Annual conference 1929. Summary
7Annual luncheon 1929, with main toast by Capt. W. Vansittart Howard[with texts of replies]
9MANY INVENTIONS. Characters from ‘Many Inventions’: 1[Short poem by T.E.E.]
10Letters. Kipling’s influence on English and Dominion LettersStokes, Robert
13Philosophy of Rudyard Kipling [: Midland Circle lecture excerpt] C 011/24Harvey, G.M. + C
22Bibliography of the works of R.K., by Flora V. Livingston. Notes (update)C [from author]
22Simla. Lurgan Sahib’s place + photograph 010/FPC1
23Precocious anthropography; 4-line poemC.G.N.
27Silver domino. Was this written by Kipling’s sister?References wanted & found
27VOORTREKKER (v). Quotation query R 011/23C1 + R
28Poetry of Rudyard Kipling [: excerpt from a Foyle’s Literary Lecture]Blakemore, Trevor
29Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1929 (2)
FPBurwash. Church photograph[News & Notes]
FPWELAND’S SWORD (POPH). Corner of the Great Woods. Photograph[News & Notes]

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