Kipling Journal: KJ009

Published: Apr 1929

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1MYSTIFICATION OF SANTA CLAUS. Amusing story of Indian journeyNews & Notes
2JUNGLE BOOKS. Miniature reproductions of the Detmold pictures @ 1/-News & Notes
3Egypt. Kiplings wintering in Egypt – with illustration in ‘The Sphinx’News & Notes
3Euclid. Kipling’s copy of ‘Euclid Elements’ sold at BidefordNews & Notes + 011/03
3French. Life’s Handicap (14 stories) translated as ‘Au Hasarde de la Vie’News & Notes
05&02Kipling Society, The. Membership. Associates: 12 to 18 year-olds
6Kipling for all: popular edition urged by Major A. Corbett-Smith['Sunday Express' article]
08ffUnited Services College. Approach to the College. Photograph
9England. Rudyard Kipling’s England [: ‘…in both poetry and prose…’]Bazley, Basil M.
17Parody. The blesséd Damozel lean’d out… [: a tableau fable after Rosetti]
18Illustration. R.K. in caricature and cartoon + 010/24 C 011/24Hon. Editor + C1
22Dream come true; 16-line poemT.E.E.
23Collecting. Kipling collecting [‘…but not of rare and expensive items…’]German-Reed, T.
24ffUnited Services College. Twelve bleak houses by the shore. Photograph
26Bookseller required to forward all forms of KiplingianaC [+ shop name & address]
26Guns of Burrasal; source of phenomenon requestedC
27Mary Ambree; poem. Source and author requested R 010/02 (N&N)C + R
28Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1929 (1)
30Favourite poems. 3: Further 3 selections
31Kipling Society, The. Scottish secretary appointed: Dr. Elizabeth C. MudieSecretary's announcements
31Kipling Society, The. US secretary. Capt. L.H.ChandlerSecretary's announcements

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