Kipling Journal: KJ036

Published: Dec 1935

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104Work ethic. Napoleon – St. Paul – Cecil Rhodes – and KiplingNews & Notes
105Film productions. Latest rumours and reports about Kipling filmsNews & Notes
105Kipling Society, The. People who meet for the appreciation of someone elseNews & Notes
106LIGHT THAT FAILED. Fancy dress ball costumeNews & Notes
106Twain. Kipling’s admiration expressed on Mark Twain’s birth centenaryNews & Notes
107CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Banning from Boston schools demandNews & Notes
107WHITE MAN’S BURDEN (FNv). Bernard Shaw ‘catching up with Kipling’News & Notes
107WITH THE NIGHT MAIL (A&R). Prophetic gift recognised in magazineNews & Notes + 040/110
108Inevitable word. Kipling and the ‘inevitable’ word [‘Cape Times’ article exc]News & Notes
109All the Puck Stories, by R.K. Macmillan, 10/6. [POPH & R&F in one vol][Review] + 035/83
109Princess Elizabeth gift book. Hodder & Stoughton. 5/-Review
111Carson, Lord. Kipling admirer. Obituary
111Motoring. Kipling’s ‘deep attachment to the English countryside’['Popular Motoring' ref.]
111SECOND RATE WOMAN. Mrs Hauksbee and ‘Ha-ow pahltry’[Carpenter, W: collector]
112KIM. Rutees: a little red seed – the malingerer’s friendMinchin, Alyson
113Reply to ‘The Prodigal Son’: the elder brother gives his point of viewFox, Gerard E.
115Bible. Kipling and the Bible [: reprinted from ‘The Christian World’]
116&126English history. Kipling and English history + Discussion + 036/101 (N&N)MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
130MANDALAY (BRBv). China ‘crost the bay queryC1
131Freemasonry. References in ‘Rewards & Fairies’ + R 037/31C1 + R
FPSTALKY & CO. Stalky and Co today: ’55 years on’. PhotographNews & Notes

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