Kipling Journal: KJ100

Published: Dec 1951

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2KIM. Kim and its moralCollins, J.P. (Notes)
2Soldiers Three; film. ‘…not… representing Kipling’s three characters…’Collins, J.P. (Notes)
3United Services College. Now ‘Kingsley Terrace’ & of historic interestCollins, J.P (Notes)
04&02Browning. Some Browning echoes at Bateman’s. Pt 1 + Pt 2: 101/04Yeats, A.W. + C 101/15
6Kipling Journal, The. Nos 1 – 100: editors identified
7How Kipling influenced my life. Pt 1: The years between C 101/15Townroe, B.S. +100/03 + C
9Writ in barracks, by Edgar Wallace. 1st edition presented to the libraryMaitland, W.G.B.
10Rottingdean. R.K. and Rottingdean: ‘The Elms’ festival exhibitionTweedy, Owen+099/03&04
13Annual luncheon 1951, with address by Collin Brooks + 100/01 (Notes)[Summary of address]
14JANE’S MARRIAGE (D&Cv). Definitive edition text alterationC4
16BRIDGE-BUILDERS (DW). ‘…farrago of of bridge building stories…’C2
16HORSE MARINES (DOC). Trot out Persimmon R 101/16C1 + R

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