Kipling Journal: KJ164

Published: Dec 1967

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3LIGHT THAT FAILED. ‘…no man is an island…’ quotation query + 175/04Editorial + 165/04
4Auctions & sales. Poem for Lady Bates. Sotheby& Co. July, 1967Editorial
4FOUR-FEET (L&R). Source: Mary Lady Bates at Bateman’s, 1932Editorial
4WAY THROUGH THE WOODS (R&Fv). Source from Josephine’s friend?Editorial
5TEEM: A TREASURE HUNTER. Kipling letters about ‘Teem’[To M. Pierre Menanteau]
7RIMINI (v) [enlarged from POPH]. Legions’ road to RiminiCarrington, C.E.
8Bateman’s. May 1967; poemPunch, Miss A.M.
9Small collection [of Kipling] ‘…can be a fascinating hobby…’Underwood, F.A.
12Kipling Society, The. Northumberland Avenue office describedC
12World war 1. Kipling in world war 1 [: BRB popularity with troops]C
14MRS BATHURST (T&D). Kipling letter about ‘what Vickery knows’C10 + R 167/23
14RECESSIONAL (FNv). Lesser breeds…: phrase source in Romans EpistleCarrington, C.E.
19Centenary. Cuttings: Kipling scrap book 1; discuss. meeting (Mrs. Purefoy)Text

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