Kipling Journal: KJ031

Published: Sep 1934

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70Saint Joan. Kipling said World War 1 operations guided by Saint JoanNews & Notes
70THOUSANDTH MAN (R&Fv). Friendship [: in ‘Weekly Illustrated’]Maurois, André (in: N&N)
71LOVE SONG OF HAR DYAL (PTFTH). Comment from ‘Beyond the pale’News & Notes
72Critics. Kipling expresses the mind of a senior boy scout…(Dr W.C.Rivers)News & Notes
72Critics. Kipling is a jingler [: book critic of ‘Sunday Dispatch’. June, 1934]News & Notes
73SUSSEX (FNv). Lines quoted in ‘Sussex County Herald’. July 28, 1934News & Notes
73WAY THROUGH THE WOODS (R&Fv). All the appeal of the countrysideNews & Notes
74Ashville College, Harrogate: best Kipling essay competition winnerBurkett, R [Excerpt]
74Parody. Gardening parody of ‘Gunga Din’ C 032/130 033/30News & Notes + C1
74War Graves Commission. Kipling reports informally to Mrs Alec-TweedieNews & Notes
76Freemasonry. Masonic references in the works of Rudyard KiplingWilliamson, H.S.
92Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1934 (2)
93McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Kipling’s reply re. ‘junk-ring bolts’C1
95French. Translations continue to increase + 033/05 (News & Notes)Reviews & New Books
97THRESHOLD (L&Rv). …referring to the threshold of human knowledge…Chandler, Rear-Admiral L.
99India. Kipling’s India ‘is not yet dead’
FP&69Annual luncheon 1934. Landscape format photograph of guests, with names