Kipling Journal: KJ292

Published: Dec 1999

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06&08South Africa. Boer War. Hot pursuit; illustrationKipling, Rudyard
9Rudyard Kipling, by Andrew Lycett. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 1999. £25Editorial review
11Repetition – work and richness: a feature of Kipling’s style. Part 2Karlin, Danny +C 300/52
15WOMAN IN HIS LIFE (L&R). Hallucination; illustrationStampa, G.L.
22CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Kipling & Gloucester; the inspiration for CCMcAveeney, David
31CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. The ‘We’re Here’; illustrationTaber, I.W.
34Couple for Kipling; play by Harry Barton to be presented in Coleraine, 3/99Cunningham, Josias:review
37Short lines; …classic American railroad stories, ed. by Rob Johnson. 1999Critchett, Ian (review)
38Music settings. Musical setting for Kipling’s ‘If’Mattinson, Brian (review)
41Bellamy, Peter. Wake the vaulted echoes; a celebration of PB on 3 CDsCopper, Bob (review)
41Music settings. Wake the vaulted echoes; recordings by Peter BellamyCopper, Bob (review)
42Faces of the century: National Portrait Gallery exhibition 1999-2000Society notices
43Loos. Battlefield tour led by Tonie & Valmai Holt proposed for Sept 2000Society notices
44Verse. Kipling’s verse [‘relax the erudition…with a favourite piece of verse’]C2
46JUNGLE PLAY. Kipling text scheduled for pub. by Penguin Press 4/2000C
46Kipling’s image today [1897 woodcut/BM on-line catalogue instructions]C
50Music hall. Billing as a Kipling [: the ‘Kiplings of the Halls’]C
53Short stories. Kipling’s painstaking draftingC
53Verse. Kipling’s painstaking draftingC3
54Vernet-les-Bains. Request for details of 1908 Anglican church & K.s helpC
55Bateman’s. As a business [: Andrew Lycett’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ article,10/99]C16
56Parody. Tommy Terrier: a territorial lament with apologies to R…K…C5
57Library. Current statement (1999)

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