Kipling Journal: KJ110

Published: Jul 1954

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1Bateman’s. Description of its glories in springShort, Ernest (Notes)
1Critics. Rung ho, Maugham sahibShort, Ernest (Notes)
2Epitaphs. Actor’s memorial at Stratford-on-Avon + 111/02Short, Ernest (Notes)
2KIM. Aslam Khan, horse coper, ‘who seldom sold a wrong ‘un’Short, Ernest (Notes)
2Pioneer newspaper. Edwin Haward, ex-editor, recalls K’s social activitiesShort, Ernest (Notes)
3Echo Club. Re-echoes of the Echo ClubWeygandt, Ann M.
6Critics. What they said about Kipling’s works. Part 1Bazley, Basil M.
10Kipling Society, The. Future of the Society [: how much longer?] +C111/17Secretary + C110/16
12Kipling Society, The. Looking back [: and paying tribute to JHC Brooking]Maitland, W.G.B.
14DANNY DEEVER (BRBv). Concerning ‘Danny Deever’ C 119/16Harbord, R. (+ report) + C1
16Barclay, Mrs Maud. Vice-president, Victoria B.C. Branch. Obituary
16Fox, Gerard E. Old & valued member of Society. Obituary

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