Kipling Journal: KJ107

Published: Oct 1953

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1PHANTOM RICKSHAW (WWW). Psychiatry of fictionShort, Ernest (Notes)
1THEY (T&D). Outstanding example of the supernatural in KiplingShort, Ernest (Notes)
2Portrait. Compilation of Kipling portraits suggestedShort, Ernest (Notes)
2Theatre. Dramatising KiplingShort, Ernest (Notes)
3Critics. Some criticisms of Kipling’s work. Pt 1 + Pt 2: 108/07Bazley, Basil M.
6Bonney, Victor. Vice-president and Past Chairman. Obituary
7South Africa. Giants at the Cape [: Cecil John Rhodes & Rudyard Kipling]Knight, Sidney E. + 107/01
8Readers’ guide to Kipling’s works + 108/17 109/15 112/12 113/12Harbord, R.E.
10Medical matters. Kipling and the doctors: a contemporary [1908] note['Spectator'] + C1 094/16
13Kipling stands alone – as a revealer of the worth of work to the workerRowland, Llewellyn
15Braddy. Who is Nella Braddy [who wrote ‘Son of Empire’]? R 110/17C + R
15Statistics. Particulars for all known Kipling proseC2
15Youth. To interest young people See also: BraddyC
16PROPAGATION OF KNOWLEDGE (S&C). Tom-a-Bedlams describedC1
17Kipling Journal, The. Shortage of back nos: 41,60,67,71,73,77,81,86,88-90

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