Kipling Journal: KJ240

Published: Dec 1986

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8TO A LIBRARIAN (v). K.’s spoof sonnet + C 241/42 243/41Editorial + C
10LIGHT THAT FAILED. How it all began: a study in defective personalityMonro, J.E. (+ illus)
23Unrecorded Kipling: 2. Furor teutonicus; letter in Morning Post, 26/10/1912Pinney, Tom (introd)
31SCHOOL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, by R.K. and C.R.L. Fletcher (1911)Ross, J.J. (study+illus)
43FAIRY-KIST (L&R). Seven Portugal onions; a note on Kipling’s readingKnowles, Elizabeth M.
49English literature in transition: 1880-1920, ed. Robert Langenfeld C 241/41Stewart, D (review) + C
52STALKY & CO. Schoolboy tortures queryC10
53Delays and obscurities [in Kipling’s working methods]C
56LIGHT THAT FAILED. Biting on the bullet query R 241/43C4 + R
57MALTESE CAT (DW). World of polo: past and present, by J.N.P.WatsonC2
59Toronto. Kipling in Toronto: request for informationC
60JACKET (BRBv). Dalbiac and “the Jacket” R 241/45C + R
61Martin of La Martinière R 242/53C + R
64Bateman’s. Administration change at Bateman’s R 241/42C7 + R
64Signatures at the Imperial Conference, 1897Royal Com. Society
67Kipling Journal, The. Donations from the P.H. Holt Trust since 1980

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