Kipling Journal: KJ050

Published: Jul 1939

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41Kipling Journal, The. Fiftieth number: From the PresidentDunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
42Kipling Journal, The. Fiftieth number: Jubilee of our Journal [: a retrospect]Editor
44Bookmarks. Melbourne branch secretary presents bookmarks to friendsNews & Notes
44France. Striking tribute to Kipling in ‘Le Patriote des Pyrénées’Delune, Louis
45Hand-in-hand: verses by a mother and daughter [: mistaken attribution]News & Notes
45Motoring. Lanchester owned by R.K. in Daimler Company’s MuseumNews & Notes
45United Services College. Old Boys’ Luncheon 1939Notes & News
48Limericks. Naboth & Haunted subalternsNews & Notes
49Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch annual report: 1stBroughton, Mrs Grace
50Poems of a South African, by Arthur Vine Hall. Longmans. 10/6[Review]
51Childhood. Memories of R.K. [: brief exc. from ‘Chamber’s Journal’ 7/39]Fleming, Mrs
52Moyle Prize Essay: The other Kipling, by A.L. BurnsNews & Notes
53In Westminster Abbey: a thought at evensong – March 29, 1936Tyler, Florence
54&61Till the sure magic strike! [: ‘…windows into R.K.’s mind…] + 054/13Fox, Gerard E. + C 055/24
64Annual luncheon 1939, with address by Alfred Noyes[Text, with toasts]
75Benham, E.E. Cape Town Branch secretary. Obituary
75Prize essay competition 1939. Winners’ names and marks awarded
76Annual conference 1939. Brief summary
78Kipling Society, The. Service department. Problems recently tackledSecretary's corner
FPUnited Services College. End of term photograph 1880[+ Notes & News 050/43]

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