Kipling Journal: KJ145

Published: Mar 1963

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2McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Kipling and M’AndrewEditorial
3Music hall. Kipling and music hall songs + follow up 148/04 149/04Editorial
4Stage. Kipling and the stageEditorial
5Annual luncheon 1962, with address by Eric Linklater[Text]
11Australia. Visit to Australia & New Zealand, Oct-Nov 1891. Full itinerary.Primrose, J.B.+ Edit.145/02
11New Zealand. Visit to Australia & New Zealand, Oct-Nov 1891. ItineraryPrimrose, J.B.+Edit.145/02
17MY GREAT AND ONLY (ATF). Readers’ guideGreen, Roger Lancelyn
21GENTLEMEN-RANKERS (BRBv). New information ‘about this song’Harbord, R.E.
23FLEET IN BEING. Discussion meeting (Admiral P.W. Brock) C 146/30[Text]+C[Correction146/32]
23SEA WARFARE. Discussion meeting (Admiral P.W. Brock) C 146/30[Text] + C
25H.M.S. Pelorus. Photograph
33Jones, Tom P. Founder member. Obituary
BCLibrary. Librarians/4: John H. McGivering appointed[Council officers]

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