Kipling Journal: KJ290

Published: Jun 1999

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06&08FLIGHT OF FACT (L&ST). The minute they landed, the natives left; illus.Millar, H.R.
9STALKY & CO. Centenary of Stalky [: first book publication Oct. 1899]Editorial
12WAY DOWN THE RAVI RIVER (v). That shocking young K. C 291/71Dillingham, William B. + C
17CITY OF BRASS (YBv). Lamentations of invisible owlsMoore, Julian
21Editing Mrs Hauksbee [: ‘Mrs Hauksbee & Co’ 1st ed. supplementary notes]Whitehead, John
23CAT THAT WALKED BY HIMSELF (JSS). Cat that ran; illustrationWalter, I.V.
24FLIGHT OF FACT (L&ST). Towing the seaplane; illustrationMillar, H.R.
25FLIGHT OF FACT (L&ST). Origins [: from documents of Julian Mills]Editor
32Old Johnny Grundy (v). Kipling’s orphan poemRichards, David Alan
34Kipling Journal, The. First European Biennale of Cultural JournalsSociety notices
35Kipling Society, The. Constitution: recently revised text
47GARM – A HOSTAGE (A&R). Ortheris over the wallDeluermoz, H. (illus.)
49India. Bombay: Kipling’s birthplaceC
50RECRUDESCENCE OF IMRAY (MOP). ‘Return of Imray’ original textC
52Names. J.Kipling namesakes [: 5 killed in World War 1]C6
52Private Kipling; play, presented by Geoff HalesC
53Now what is your opinion of the land of Stars & Stripes? [: K.misattribution]C
54Dunsany. Kipling and Lord DunsanyC
54Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch 1999 update
55French. Dans l’Intérêt des Frères republished with fuller notesC3
56Kipling Society, The. E-mail. Communication via e-mail and telephoneSociety notices
56Kipling Society, The. Subscription renewal dates noted on KJ address labelSociety notices
58.007 (DW). Death of a shote (shoat?); illustrationDeluermoz, H.

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