Kipling Journal: KJ016

Published: Dec 1930

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98MEMORIES (v). New poem published in ‘The Daily Telegraph’, Nov. 1930News & Notes
98MIRACLE OF ST. JUBANUS (L&R). Published in ‘The Story Teller’News & Notes
98Piracy. P.F. Collier & Son, NewYork. Selected works of R.K. Vol 3News & Notes + C 017/25
99Auctions & sales. Recessional transcript in K’s hand sold at Sotheby & CoNews & Notes
99IF (R&Fv). Copyright law prohibits publication of French/German versionsNews & Notes
100Royal Society soirées and Kipling’s interest in the experimentsNews & Notes
101Business man’s debt to Kipling + 016/97 (News & Notes)Goodenough, Sir Francis
107SCHOOLBOY LYRICS (v). Gleanings from Westward Ho!Beresford, G.C.
112-3Lahore. CMG building. Sketch from 1885 photograph
114Kipling Summary. Supplement to the Martindell & Livingstone bibliogs.[Chandler, Capt. Lloyd. H.]
116THY SERVANT A DOG. Excerpts from 5 current reviews[+ 016/97 (News & Notes)]
118Author’s Club. Lecture by Society President, October 1930Dunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
119BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Book & magazine text comparisons suggested
120Crypticisms. 5: Further solutions and reply to criticism
122Rudyard Kipling [: ‘British Weekly’ article excerpts. August, 1930]Deane, Canon Anthony C.
123ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Mafeking siege edition requestedC1
124Trade-mark. Elephant’s head registered in UK & USAC
125Brattleboro’. Photographs prepared for Kipling’s ‘Winter Notebook’C
126Verse headings. Part 5. W(hen I left…) – Y(our tiercel’…)Chandler, Rear-Admiral L.
127Library. Librarians/1: W.G.B. Maitland appointedSecretary's announcements

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