Kipling Journal: KJ128

Published: Dec 1958

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3Auctions & sales. Letters to Aunt Louisa (1882-92). Christie’s. July 1958Editorial
3Kipling influence/interest in decline?Editorial
3Prophecies. Kipling prophecies…a curious way of proving their truthEditorial + 118/02
4Macmillan. Kipling’s connection with the House of MacmillanEditorial
4Names. Character names similarity in Kipling and Dickens C 132/21Bazley, Basil M. + C5
5HAM & THE PORCUPINE: a Just-So story + Editorial 128/02Kipling, Rudyard
12IN THE RUKH (MI/JB). Chronology in Mowgli story seriesGreen, Roger Lancelyn
12JUNGLE BOOKS. Chronology of ‘In the Rukh’Green, Roger Lancelyn
13+15RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI (JB1). Authority acknowledgement discussed + illusGreen, Roger Lancelyn
16Colonel Creighton C (author revision) 129/22Mason, Alexander + C
20CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH (L&R). Disc. meeting (Col.Purefoy)[Report]
20MANNER OF MEN (L&R). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
21TREE OF JUSTICE (R&F). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
22Some gems on my shelves [: ‘Looking over my collection of Kiplingiana’]Maitland, W.G.B.
24Kipling Society, The. Rare 1st edition gift from C.L.AmesSecretary's notes

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