Kipling Journal: KJ041

Published: Mar 1937

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2Parody. Reading of some of Kipling’s parodies by B.M.Bazley, 17/2/37News & Notes
3As a tale that is told, by Rev. Frederic W. Macdonald [Kipling’s uncle]News & Notes
3Quotations. More sources ‘of Kipling’s quotations have come to light…’News & Notes
4Memorial service: 1st anniv. St. Dunstan-in-the-East (Rev. A.G.B. West)News & Notes
4SOMETHING OF MYSELF. Correspondence in ‘Daily Telegraph’News & Notes
6Kipling Society, The. Manitoba branch report. 1936
6SOMETHING OF MYSELF, by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 7/6[Extended review]
8Rudyard Kipling in New England, by Howard C. Rice. Stephen Day Press.[Brief review]
9Locke, Dr. George H. Society Vice-president. Obituary
9TOOMAI OF THE ELEPHANTS (JB1). Film reviewRobinson, C.H.
10&01Artist. Kipling the artist + Discussion 041/14Mends-Gibson, Mrs ('Arthur Hood')
26X² R.H.A. [Unsigned article in ‘St. James’s Gazette’]
FPKIM. Shrine visited by the Lama. Photograph

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