Kipling Journal: KJ165

Published: Mar 1968

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2Kipling dictionary, by John. H. McGivering. Macmillan. 50/- [1968]Editorial review
4Kipling, by T.R. Henn [‘Writers & Critics’ series, pub by Oliver & Boyd]Editorial brief review
7BLUE SKALALLATOOT LETTER to Billy Bathurst (+ map)[Editorial comment 165/02]
8Annual luncheon 1967, with address by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley[Text]
14Jungle book; film. Disney cartoon[Review by S.V.]
15KIM. Carrington on Gilbert on ‘Kim’ [See also: 162/08 163/07]Gilbert, Elliot L.
17Numbers. Some of Kipling’s numbers; discussion meeting (J.McGivering)Inwood, P.W. (report)
19Centenary. Cuttings: Kipling scrap book 2; discuss. meeting (Mrs. Purefoy)Text + C3 167/22
25Glimpse of Kipling – as Lord Beaverbrook’s GamalielC
25TREE OF JUSTICE (R&F). Latin charm query – and solutionC1

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