Kipling Journal: KJ130

Published: Jun 1959

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2SONG OF THE ENGLISH (SSv). Verse recited in Pickles’ ‘Have a go’ 1958Editorial
2THEY (T&D). Dramatised version broadcast, 1958 Also 1952: 103/01Editorial
3JUNGLE BOOKS. ‘… a shame to keep all those nice animals in the jungle…’Editorial
5BENEFACTORS; story. Text + Editorial 130/02Kipling, Rudyard
13Gillet. Kipling letters [: c50 to Professor Louis Gillet in the early 1930s]Chambers, W.P.C.
14Mulvaney. General notes for the ‘Readers’ Guide’Harbord, R.E.
17STALKY & CO. Discussion meeting notes. Pt 1 +Pt 2:131/23 +Pt 3:132/23Green, Roger Lancelyn
19Elwell, T.E. One of the earliest members. Obituary
19Taylor, Major-General Sir John. Ex-Chairman Kipling Society. Obituary
20FAIRY-KIST (L&R). Discussion meeting[Very brief report]
20IN THE SAME BOAT (DOC). Discussion meeting[Very brief report]
20WISH HOUSE (D&C). Discussion meeting[Very brief report]
24SHIP THAT FOUND HERSELF (DW). Tonnage change query R 132/22C1 + R
24STEAM TACTICS (T&D). French actress Judic: detailsC2
25Burwash and the Sussex Weald, by James Goodwin. Courier Pub. Co. 12/6Bazley, Basil M. (review)
25Kipling Society, The. Russian interest in KiplingSecretary's notes

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