Kipling Journal: KJ120

Published: Dec 1956

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2Beerbohm. The incomparable Max + C 121/15Editorial + C1
2IF (R&Fv). Again – ‘If’Editorial
3Carrington: RK Life & Work. Spectator review – included ‘for amusement’Bazley, Basil M. (Notes)
3English sceneBazley, Basil M. (Notes)
3PAGETT, M.P. (DDv). Character originalsBazley, Basil M. (Notes)
4Carrington: RK Life & Work. Thoughts on the ‘Life’ C 120/16 121/16Mulgan, Alan + C1
7STALKY & CO. Beetle’s Browning (i.e. poet) + Part 2: 121/07 C 121/14Dunlap, Joseph R. Pt 1 +C6
9Martindell essay prize. 1956: 1st prize winner [Concluding paragraph only]Le Brocq, F.J.B.
10DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (R&F). Lecture to Auckland, NZ, branchHorton, Dr
12Goodland, Col. H.T. Member of Victoria, B.C. branch. Obituary
12Macdonald, Miss Florence. Kipling’s first cousin. Obituary
13Edwardes, H.S.W. Letters (5) from Kipling to H.S.W. Edwardes, 1902-6
15Annual luncheon 1956, with address by Lord Rowallan[Brief report]
16JANEITES (D&C). Origin of term ‘Bosko absoluto’ query R 121/16C1 + R
16Work…is the grandest & noblest disease ever to beset mankind, queryC

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