Kipling Journal: KJ329

Published: Dec 2008

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6Sheffield Mini-Conference in 2009Editorial
6Two Ghost Stories by M R JamesEditorial
6University of Cape Town Conference in 2009Editorial
7Edmonia Hill in the Atlantic MonthlyEditorial
8Kipling Society change of President: Sir George Engle, K.C.B., Q.C.Wilson, Cdr Alastair
9Kipling Society change of President: Field Marshal Sir John Chapple, G.C.B., C.B.E., D.L.Wilson, Cdr Alastair
10A SAHIB’S WAR: Attacking the Boers in the style of Kipling SahibDamstra, K. St John
26Obituary: John F. Slater, M.A.Walker, John
27MRS BATHURST: “Mrs Bathurst” – A Sequel?Wilson, Alastair
38How the Fox got a Bushy TalePennance, Maurice & Benjamin
42MARY POSTGATE: On Kipling’s Ambivalence towards War in “Mary Postgate”Paris, Jamie
61Did Pyecroft have a South African Lady Friend?Wilson, Alastair
61The Absent-Minded Beggar’s Apology C1 305/64Wade, Shamus O.D.
63THE APPEAL C1Holberton, Philip

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