Kipling Journal: KJ249

Published: Mar 1989

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9Pioneer newspaper. Travelling despatches to the paper after March 1889Editorial
10MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH A LION. Ladies’ Home Journal ’02Kipling, Rudyard + illus
21Kipling’s Japan: collected writings, ed. Sir Hugh Cortazzi & George WebbBeckingham, C F.(review)
25Kipling’s South Africa, by Renee Durbach + newspaper cartoon detailParry, Ann (review)
34IF (R&Fv). Si tu peux: Besse French version + R 250/36C5 + R
34RECESSIONAL (FNv). Sermon on its non-racist contentC2
35Russian. Puck stories in Russian (+ 2 illus)C
38Horse racing. Kipling and the turfC
46Bateman’s. Memories from Mr Woodbine ParishC9
48Photography. Kipling and photographyC
48Sound recordings. Kim on cassetteC
50Auctions & sales. Letters sale, Sotheran: 3 items @ £275Editorial notes
51Tank Museum, Bovington. Mr Kipling’s cavalry showC
52Torrigiano. This mad Italian hornet C 250/38Shearman, John + C

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