Kipling Journal: KJ262

Published: Jun 1992

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6MOWGLI’S BROTHERS (JB1). Ahai! He is taking his meal with the othersWormell, Chris (woodcut)
8MOWGLI’S BROTHERS (JB1). Tiger’s roar filled the cave with thunderWormell, Chris (woodcut)
9Japan. New Oriental Bank failure, 1892 (with verse)Editorial
11Annual luncheon 1992, including the address by Christopher Morris (+illus)
23MRS BATHURST (T&D). Found in the Attic? A new view of Mrs BathurstPlowden, Geoffrey
31Beggars in Red: The British Army 1789-1889, by John StrawsonVermont, David (review)
36CAPTIVE (T&D). Bow and spear queryC
38Grenada. New National Party alliance newsletter with ‘If’ frontispieceC
39ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). We do not want his kiddies…C2
39Motoring. Kipling at the wheel? and speeding?C4
41STALKY & CO. M’Turk on Beetle; report in ‘Darjeeling Times’, 1927.C11
44Popularity, fame and Rudyard Kipling; Sunday Chronicle article, 1899C + illustration
50Film productions. Just So Stories ‘animated movie’ projectC4

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