Kipling Journal: KJ281

Published: Mar 1997

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4Kipling Society, The. Listing of officials and overseas organisations
9IRISH GUARDS IN THE GREAT WAR. Republished. Vol 1:Jan 1997Editorial
9Omnibus. Forthcoming television programme Report: 283/10Editorial
10KIM. Quest for Kim: In Search of Kipling’s Great Game, by Peter HopkirkEditorial + C16 283/49
12LETTERS OF MARQUE (FSTS). Travel, gender and imperialismMoore-Gilbert, Bart
25Seventy years ago: Mar 1927 Journal extracts
26To Rudyard Kipling; poem [: reprint from Mar 1927 journal]Bloch, Regina Miriam
28Spectator verse parodies. 5 winning entries of the Kipling competition
31Seventieth anniversary celebrationsSociety notices
32Internet web site pageSociety notices
32Luncheon at Kipling restaurant, HighgateSociety notices
33Letters to Colonel W.H. Lewis 1905-1936: legacy to SocietySociety notices
33Sea and Sussex: autographed gift to SocietySociety notices
34ON THE GATE (D&C). Mrs Kipling’s objections R 282/38 283/43 284/53C2 + R [+219/45]
36Nurses and the irrelevance of raceC
36Sisters under the skin (Sunday Telegraph poem by ‘Peter Pindar’)C
37Widow’s Uniform, The; ballad opera… RK’s ‘poetry in a musical setting’C
42Polo with camelsC
45LETTERS OF MARQUE (FSTS). Explanation of titleC2
50Film productions. AmericanC6
54Gunyon letter. Provenance with original text R 270/52 (with illustration)C + R
54Kaiser’s illness [Response to: Sticks & stones…280/12]C + R 286/38 288/76
56Auctions & sales. Villiers Street. Sale of 10 flats in Kipling HouseC9
56Villiers Street. Sale of 10 flats in Kipling HouseC2
57DISTURBER OF TRAFFIC (MI). Miriam Cohen queryC
57Russia. State University, Perm, request for gratis JournalC5
58Harlan (Josiah) – active in India 1828-41 – and possible association with RKC
59Haggard. Rider Haggard’s grandmotherC2
59Rolling down to Rio: concert at Bateman’s 19th July 1997C
60BROOKLAND ROAD (R&F). Kipling’s strange poem R 282/45C + R
64UNDERTAKERS (JB2). …especially the adjutant-crane; commentaryWilson, Maurice + illus

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