Kipling Journal: KJ279

Published: Sep 1996

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06&08TO BE FILED FOR REFERENCE (PTFTH). Illus. for Russian ed. of verseKof, Svetlana
9CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. New edition: OUP 1995Editorial
10Annual luncheon 1996, including the address by Terry Waite
20Ultimate breaking strain: thesis on K’s poetry. Extract 4Cherry, Fred [See:Thesis]
26Kipling Society, The. Officers of the Society: current listMembership news
26Kipling Society, The. Secretary 7. Norman Entract resignedMembership news
26Kipling Society, The. Secretary 8. Michael Smith appointedMembership news
27Kipling Society, The. Annual general meeting No 69, 1996. Report
31Rottingdean. Society visit: 2 (June 1996); an accountSmith, M. & Merry, P.
36CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. German translation, with illustration p38Haefs, Gisbert
39Town that was born lucky, The: stage production in Medicine Hat, AlbertaJohnson, Jay
41Wallace, Edgar. Wallace and Kipling’s Manqués C 280/56Brown, Robin + C
51JANEITES (D&C). …and Henry JamesC2
55&57TREASURE AND THE LAW (POPH). Strand Magazine illustrationShepperson, Claude
59IF (R&Fv). Appreciation of ‘If’ [: in Hindu magazine 18 Feb 1996]C9
59THEIR LAWFUL OCCASIONS (T&D). K’s correction, with letter copyC3
62DANNY DEEVER (BRBv). Colour sergeant saidC2
63Magic Circle, The. R 280/61C + R
64CAMEL’S HUMP (JSS). No ‘frowsting’ in Amis’s ‘The old devils’C
64Christ’s Hospital: Kipling’s young friend in 1878 Paris queryC
66DRUMS OF THE FORE AND AFT (WWW). …Jakin illustrationDeluermoz, H

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