Kipling Journal: KJ147

Published: Sep 1963

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3Acting. Kipling as an amateur actorEditorial
3Auctions & sales. Letters sale, Sotheby & Co, 5/63 + B.H.Walton:148/03Editorial
4USA. Kipling broadcast in USA, March 31, 1963Editorial
5SEA WARFARE. Who were you with last night?; song query R 148/32Editorial + R
6Bagley. My friend Captain Bagley C 148/31 163/21Brock P.W. + C
14Shepherd, Mrs Barbara. Council member. ObituaryREH/AEBP
15MRS BATHURST (T&D). What happens in ‘Mrs Bathurst’? Part 2Gilbert, E. L.+ C8 149/30
19Meetings revisited I: how the discussion meetings startedHon. Secretary
22Corbridge Stone; excavations of Roman remainsButterworth, H. L.
26EDDI’S SERVICE (R&F). Discussion meeting (P.W.Inwood)Purefoy, A.E.B. (report)
26RHYME OF THE THREE SEALERS (v). Discuss. meeting (P.W.Inwood)Purefoy, A.E.B. (report)
26SEA AND THE HILLS (v). Discussion meeting (P.W.Inwood)Purefoy, A.E.B. (report)
26TOMLINSON (v). Discussion meeting (P.W.Inwood)Purefoy, A.E.B. (report)
27Vermont. Kipling in Vermont Part 1 + Part 2: 148/10Hill, Donald L.
31Authors and places, by Roger Lancelyn Green. Batsford. 15/-Purefoy, A.E.B. (review)
32PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. Winged hats queryC6

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