Kipling Journal: KJ158

Published: Jun 1966

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6Critics. Kipling and the critics; discussion meeting (C.E.Carrington)Inwood, P.W. (report)
10Carlyle. Carlyle and Kipling. Part 1 + Part 2: 159/11 + Part 3: 160/11Rutherford, Andrew
19New York. Pierpoint Morgan Library Kipling exhibitionNaumburg, Carl T.
22Versatility. Rudyard Kipling’s versatilityNaumburg, Carl T.
26Vision and the need, by Richard Faber. Faber & Faber. 25/-Dobrée, Bonamy (review)
27December 30th, 1965, 1865; poemPunch, A.M.
27Kipling’s desk; poemWhite, John

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