Kipling Journal: KJ116

Published: Dec 1955

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1Through Indian eyes: an Indian’s reaction to Rudyard KiplingShort, Ernest (Notes)
2And a little child shall lead them: Kipling letter addressed to ‘Dear Henry’Short, Ernest (Notes)
3Annual luncheon 1955, with address by Eric Linklater + Report 116/15[Summary of address]
7Carrington: RK Life & Work. How the book was writtenCarrington, C.E.
9Yes! People still read Kipling: something more than a jingo[R.W.M.: 'Melbourne Age']
10Haig. Duff Cooper’s ‘Haig’ and a letter from KiplingC
11SOLDIER AN’ SAILOR TOO (BRBv). Readers’ guide C 118/17Harbord, R.E. + C
14Wolff Collection. Part 4: American copyright issuesMaitland, W.G.B.
15TRUCE OF THE BEAR (FNv). Bear’s name ‘Adam-Zad’, queryC + R 117/16 118/16
16MADONNA OF THE TRENCHES (D&C). Disc. meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Brief summary]

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