Kipling Journal: KJ017

Published: Apr 1931

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1Fitz-Patrick, Sir Percy. Society Vice-President. ObituaryNews & Notes
2Immortality. ‘Kipling’s chances good’ says Sir Anthony Hope HawkinsNews & Notes
2Kipling Journal, The. Binding arrangements approved by CouncilNews & Notes + 016/127
2Kipling Society, The. Membership. Geographical list discontinuedNews & Notes
2Music settings. Recessional: set by Arthur A. Paramor. Short scoreNews & Notes
2Music settings. Recessional: various settingsNews & Notes
2Twain. Mark Twain Society awards silver medal to Rudyard KiplingNews & Notes
4Limericks. There was a small boy of Quebec…query R 018/61 (2)News & Notes + R
05&08Female of the species + Discussion + 017/01 (News & Notes)Frankau, Gilbert
11Crypticisms. 6: Further critical comment and replies + C3 018/61
13India. Australian comment [: ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ article]
14Romance of adventure: a BBC talk to schools [: about Kim & Stalky & Co]Stobart, J.C.
18Auctions & sales. American prices current
18Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1930 (American)
20USA. What Chicago thinks…on Kipling’s 65th birthday['Chicago Tribune' excerpt]
22Tokens and Trade MarksHon. Editor
24SCHOLARS (v). Details are extraordinaryC1
24VERDICTS (YBv). Naval approval of Kipling’s understandingC
25Japan. Exact date when Kipling was in Japan? R 018/61&62C + R
25LOST LEGION (v). Original first four lines of stanza 4 – not in 1st editionC
26Ballade – by one who enjoyed a Beresford lecture but…M’Turk as a man??Bevey, R.
27Sussex dialect words. Part 1: Allwhither – Eend-on C1 021/30Ferguson, J. DeLancey + C
FPUnited Services College. Arms of the college, printed from a wash drawing

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