Kipling Journal: KJ238

Published: Jun 1986

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6Peshawar. Jamrud Gate: photographDickins, Douglas
9BRIDGE-BUILDERS (DW). Imperialism in ‘The Bridge Builders’. Part 2Parry, Ann
16STRANGE RIDE OF MORROWBIE JUKES (WWW). Even stranger ride..Crook, Nora + illus
24Sussex University. Kipling programme at Sussex UniversityRoss, Angus
27Unrecorded Kipling: 1. Premiers at play; ‘colonial premier dialogue’ by RKPinney, Tom (introd)
40Annual luncheon 1986, including the address by Lord Annan
51Kipling’s India: uncollected sketches, by Tom Pinney C244/49+Edit.257/09Mason, Philip (review)+C
54Early verse by Rudyard Kipling…, introduced by Andrew RutherfordMason, Philip (review)
58British poets and secret societies, by Marie Roberts. Croom Helm, 1986Hamill, John (review)
61DAYSPRING MISHANDLED (L&R). Poor old Castorley (illus:CE Brock)Houlton, E.N. + illus
70Rottingdean. Kipling’s Rottingdean gardenMcGivering, J.H.
71Kipling Society, The. Finances in 1985Bittleston, T.S.

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