Kipling Journal: KJ303

Published: Sep 2002

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5Models. Kipling model available for saleSociety News & Views
5Tobacco. Kipling’s preferred blendSociety News & Views
6Portsmouth Grammar School monograph No 9: Lecture by Norman PageSociety News & Views
7House of Stratus can print to meet demand, including 21 Kipling titlesSociety News & Views
7Just So!: adaptation by Jamila Gavin for Polka Theatre, WimbledonSociety News & Views
9Kipling Joumal, The. Editor 7: Sharad Keskar writes his ‘Ave atque vale’
10Kipling: controversial questions + C 304/60Raine. Craig
30Freemasonry. Contrary man and MasonKieffer. George C
40Jungle Book: Christmas production in Brighton
41Kipling Society, The. Subscriptions – a [current routine] reminder
41Rudyard Kipling: the complete verse, revised by James Fenwick. New ed.Pub: Kyle Cathie. £12.99
42Raven-Hill’s illustrations of Chitor [: 3 reproductions in the text]Ayers. Roger
46Annual luncheon 2002, including the address by Dr Richard ChartresWith various introductions
52Readers’ Guide, World wideWalker, John
54Kipling Society, The. Trustees’ report, 2001Hall, P.G.S.
56Saunders, Captain Peter. Obituary
59Rottingdean. Cormell Price’s grave at RottingdeanC + Correction 304/59
60King George V’s trumpeterC
60Railway punctualityC
60WAY THROUGH THE WOODS (R&Fv). Latin translationC
61Kipling Society, The. About the Kipling Society

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