Kipling Journal: KJ225

Published: Mar 1983

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6Kipling at sixteen; title-page decoration of ms note-book + DedicationKipling, Rudyard (illus)
8BACK TO THE ARMY AGAIN (SSv). Pall Mall Magazine illus. exc, 1894Editorial
12Sussex University. Kipling private papers; text of an address to the SocietyBurt, John(+2 letters to son)
43MULVANEY’S REGRETS (v). Mr. Kipling regrets, in Yale Lit. MagazineC
45KIM. Great piece of magicC6
48JUNGLE BOOKS. Council rock?C8
48JUNGLE BOOKS. Maugly, an opera by Chiriyani Chalayev, 1980C9
48Music settings. Maugly; Russian opera for childrenC3
49Territorial battalion: Kipling arrested ‘on suspicion’ in Sevenoaks, 1914C

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