Kipling Journal: KJ328

Published: Sep 2008

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6Kipling Society, Change of Membership SecretaryEditorial
6Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew – Marianne North GalleryEditorial
7THE EYES OF ASIA: A Bibliographical EssayJain, Anurag
11The Tragedy of Rudyard KiplingLerner, Fred
19Annual Luncheon, 2008, including the Address by Rear-Admiral Guy F. LiardetWith various introductions
31Rudyard Kipling’s visit to DalhousieCaleb, Jane
34“Mourning and Rejoicing at Old St Paul’s”Kipling, Rudyard; ed. Pinney, Thomas
38Kipling’s Works – Change Of WebsiteEditor
39WHITE MAN’S BURDEN (FNv) Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” and its AfterlivesBrantlinger, Patrick
59Book Review. Rudyard Kipling’s Uncollected Speeches by Thomas PinneyEditor
60Book Review. Kipling’s Sussex by Michael SmithEditor
62Kipling Sahib by Charles Allen C1 325/53Leeper, Josephine
63“Scumfish” C1Holberton, Philip
64Abaft the Funnel and ‘Captains Courageous’ C1 325/50Coles, G.V.
65The Indian Railway Library C1 325/11Underwood, F.A.
66Library of Congress Collections C1 326/22Wynn, Debra D.
67Wonder and Awe C1 326/50Havholm, Peter L.

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