Kipling Journal: KJ172

Published: Dec 1969

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2Makers of the 20th century: Sunday Times Kipling entry (27 July 1969)Editorial
2Occupational therapy. Kipling on ‘occupational therapy’Editorial
3Classics. Kipling and the classicsEditorial
5JUNGLE BOOKS. Just So & Jungle stories: a note on originsCorrie, J.
5JUST SO STORIES. Just So & Jungle stories: a note on originsCorrie, J.
8WITHOUT BENEFIT OF CLERGY (LH). Thoughts on WBOCMeyers, Jeffrey
12Music settings. Stewart’s Bibliographical Catalogue: addendaFraser, R.S & Morgan, P
14Broadcasts. Kipling’s broadcastsUnderwood, F.A.
16British Columbia regretsHanson, R.M.
18Kipling character I should like to be and why; discussion meetingInwood, P.W. (report)
23MRS BATHURST (T&D). Just once more [‘Ada’ query]C11
25Kipling Society, The. Draft of proposed new rules IV, XI, XIII

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