Kipling Journal: KJ067

Published: Oct 1943

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1Kipling Society, The. Lord Wavell, Viceroy: India Office talkCollins, J.P (Notes)
1Kipling Society, The. Lord Wavell’s response to North African sucessesCollins, J.P (Notes)
2Forster’s note-book on Kipling R 069/16 [Repeated: 070/16]C + R
3Prophet. Kipling’s ‘remarkable rightness’ [: about our enemies]Mansback, Major Irving E.
5Germans. Germans feared Kipling [: …as dangerous to their ambitions]Bazley, Basil M.
6Annual conference 1943. Brief summary
6Memories of Rudyard Kipling. Part 1Taufflieb, Madame J.H.C.
8Critics. Kipling and his critics. Part 1Hull, Miss Cecil
11RECESSIONAL (FNv). Manuscript of ‘Recessional’ + Facsimile textHarbord, R. + 066/01 Notes
14Stalky’s verses ‘touched up’ by R.K. in the ‘Civil & Military Gazette’ c1888[Letter from Kay Robinson]
15Kipling Journal, The. Printing error: page dated October 1843
15Philosophy of Rudyard Kipling. Part 1Carlson, J.V.
17Jungle text book – using excerpts from Kipling’s works. Is it available?C
17Names. The name Kipling [: in the American Civil War period]C3 [repeated 069/16]
18Dynamite cargo, by Fred Herman. N.Y. [:Kipling excerpt as tribute to RN]Kiplingiana
18Patch, General. Devotee of KiplingKiplingiana
19Complex military principle [: reduced to a Kipling couplet]Kiplingiana
19Half a life, by Major C.S. Jarvis. Murray. 15/- [: Kipling’s advice to author]Kiplingiana + 068/016
19 (2)Imperial Service College. Bought by Windsor Town CouncilKiplingiana +053/24 (Note)
20Amphibious. Kipling’s Marine a ‘giddy harumfrodite – sailor & soldier too’Kiplingiana
20CAPTIVE (T&D). Kipling anticipates motor-driven gunsKiplingiana
20DYKES (v). Admiral Stark and ‘The Dykes’ [and a Chinese proverb]Kiplingiana

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