Kipling Journal: KJ014

Published: Jul 1930

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33Critics. Why bother about the new clever critics?News & Notes
33DEBT (L&R). Brief introduction to Kipling’s new story printed in ‘Liberty’News & Notes
33Poet laureate. Kipling ‘passed over again’News & Notes
34SAHIB’S WAR (T&D). Commentary by Sir George MacMunnNews & Notes
35Auctions & sales. Imperial De Luxe edition, pub. by The Edinburgh SocietyNews & Notes
37&45Annual conference 1930. Summary, with ‘donor’ & ‘life’ member details
38Piracy. Some notes on pirate editionsLivingston, Flora V.
39Kipling Summary. Notes on a specially compiled & annotated edition[Chandler, Capt. Lloyd. H.]
40English prize fighter. Source of Kipling (?) poem sought
41Argentina. Open letter from Argentinian member to ‘Clarence & Doris’Willie'
43Working method of Rudyard KiplingCarpenter, W.M.
47Annual luncheon 1930, with main toast by the Rt. Hon. Lord Lloyd[with texts of replies]
24Kipling Society, The. Officers of the Society, 1930. Photograph
49ffUnited Services College. Old Boys at 1930 Luncheon. Photograph
53Auctions & sales. Quaritch sale catalogue No 431 with K. itemsC2
55Our’s not to question why; Our’s but to do and die. Kipling [?] verse queryC
55THIS IS THE OCEAN BRIGHT AND CLEAR (v). Text queryC + R 015/85 019/94
56Critics. Kipling among the critics. Part 2Bazley, Basil M.
61Verse headings. Part 3. P(leasant it is…) – T(he stone that lives…)Chandler, Capt. L.H.
63Kipling Society, The. Future of the Society [: from the Hon. Organiser][Brooking, J.H.C.]