Kipling Journal: KJ004

Published: Jan 1928

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1Kipling Society, The. Badge (enamelled) adopted by Council. IllustrationNews & Notes + C 021/30
1Kipling Society, The. Birmingham Circle. Founded October 1927News & Notes
2Stalky & Co.’s names and why were they so-called – with explanationsNews & Notes
3Auctions & sales. Anderson Galleries auction incl. ‘Smith Administration’News & Notes
3BIG STEAMERS (v). Cartoon in ‘Punch’News & Notes
3St. Andrews University. Kipling Prize awards + 005/02 (News & Notes)News & Notes
3St. Andrews University. Kipling Rector 1922-1925News & Notes
4Indian memorial speech at Neuve Chapelle: brief paragraph in ‘Daily Mail’News & Notes
4Westward Ho! Cliffs on Western Hill to be named Kipling TorsNews & Notes
5BRAZILIAN SKETCHES. Articles (7) in ‘Morning Post’, 29/11/27 +News & Notes
5Favourite stories. 1: Invitation to members to send in 12 favourite titles
5Kipling Society, The. Library premises soughtNews & Notes
6Annual conference 1927. Summary
6Genius of R.K. ‘Morning Post’ quotes Kipling as ‘master of prose and verse’
08ffRudyard Kipling: photograph from a chalk drawing made in 1902Hopper, Gerald
9Critics. Kipling and the critics [: books about K. & reviews of earlier works]Hon. Ed. + 005/16&C1 29
9Kipling guide book, by W. Roberton. Holland Co. 1899[Brief comment]
10Ken of Kipling, by William M. Clemens. Morang & Co. Toronto. 1899[Brief comment]
10Rudyard Kipling, a criticism, by Richard Le Gallienne. John Lane. 1900[Review]
11Kipling primer, by F. Lawrence Knowles. Chatto & Windus. 1900[Review]
11Rudyard Kipling: the man and his work.., by G.F. Monkshood. Clarke.1902[Review]
12Handling of words, by Vernon Lee. John Lane. 1923[Review]
12Word-formation in Kipling, by W. Leeb-Lundberg. Heffer. 1909[Review]
13Rudyard Kipling, by John Palmer. Nisbet & Co. 1915[Review]
13Rudyard Kipling: a critical study, by Cyril Falls. Martin Secker. 1915[Review]
14Merlin’s Isle: a study of R.K.’s England, by W. Worster. Gyldendal. 1920[Review]
15Kipling and his soldiers, by Patrick Braybrooke. C.W. Daniel & Co. 1926[Brief comment]
15Three studies in English literature, by André Chevrillon. Heinemann. 1923[Review]
18&02Poetry. Poetry of Rudyard Kipling; Peter Bone Prize essay abstractCroom-Johnson, Henry P.
19ANCHOR SONG (SSv). Nautical terms? + C1 006/03&07 007/19 008/27[Essay] + C 005/06&26&28
23JUST SO STORIES. Are the inscriptions real runes? R 005/30 006/29C1 + R
23KIM. Reminiscences of India and the story of KimMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
24Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 3: Beyond the Pale woman speaksBloch, Regina Miriam
24Kipling scene. Photograph [: of Sussex haystacks?]
25New inclusive verse 1885-1926, by Rudyard Kipling. Hodder & StoughtonReview [Pub 10/26]
26Medicine Hat. Kipling’s ‘advice’ to ‘The Hat’Martindell, Captain E.W.
29War memorial inscriptions requestedC
30Auctions & sales. First editions offered by Sotheby & Co.