Kipling Journal: KJ049

Published: Apr 1939

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1FOLLY BRIDGE; story. Photo of the railway bridge over the Orange River['Daily Express' 15/6/1900]
2Kipling Society, The. Wreath of Remembrance inscription, Jan 18, 1939[3rd anniversary]
3Critics. Frogs in a well [: article in ‘London Quarterly’, January 1939]News & Notes
3Epitaphs. In the Melbourne Argus, 25/1/39 [: short excerpt]News & Notes
3Kipling Society, The. Etching of K. by Graham Clilverd presented to K.S.News & Notes
4H.M.S. Kipling. Sucesssfully launched by Mrs BambridgeNews & Notes
4Rottingdean. Kipling home is now safe [: ‘Brighton Era’ paragraph, 9/2/39]News & Notes
5Critics. Midland Arts Club attempts to ‘de-bunk’ KiplingNews & Notes
6Frankau, Gilbert. Kipling’s letter to GF found in bookNews & Notes
6MANDALAY (BRBv). Village called China at the western side of the Bay?News & Notes
6Sutro. Kipling and Alfred Sutro at the Academy BanquetNews & Notes
7Imperial Service College. K. Memorial Buildings foundation stone laidNews & Notes
9Childhood. Memories of R.K. [: brief exc. from ‘Chamber’s Journal’ 3/39]Fleming, Mrs
9Sussex edition. Part 2 [Summary of the 4 volumes of verse]Maitland, W.G.B.
12&22Humanities. Kipling and the humanities. Discussion meeting C 049/37Dawson, Major Ernest + C
28Kipling: essay [written by a 17 year-old from Pennsylvania]Jones, Anne Comfort
33Best stories. Kipling selection [: for a teacher of English in Austria]Browne, Lt.-Col. B.S.
35DAYSPRING MISHANDLED (L&R). Double acrostic in Latin C 54/34Chandler, Admiral L. + C
37Bateson, Dr. Vaughan. Distinguished member. Obituary
37Waitt, Ronald V. Manitoba branch founder. Obituary [See also: 054/38]
39Kipling Society, The. Membership. Falling off badly since September crisisSecretary's corner
39Kipling Society, The. US secretary. Professor EkblawSecretary's corner
40Kipling Society, The. Medallion of K.’s head & shoulder for H.M.S. KiplingSecretary's notes
40Prize essay competition 1939. What appeals to you most in Kipling’s verse?[Selected subject]

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