Kipling Journal: KJ003

Published: Oct 1927

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2Auctions & sales. Holograph transcript of ‘A Lesson’ sold for £210News & Notes
2Auctions & sales. Kipling sales realise £805 for 2 items at Sotheby & CoNews & Notes
2Bateman’s. Description in ‘Country Homes’[Brief comment]
3Strand Magazine K. stories held up by American publication formalitiesNews & Notes
03&02To Rudyard Kipling; lines from a Danish sailor to an English poetLaursen, Alfred Holm
4Bibliography of the works of R.K., by Flora V. Livingston. ElkinReview
7Heart of a maid, by Mrs Fleming – can the mystery be cleared up?C
8Kipling Society, The. Members. (c450) in many towns and cities[Places listed]
9Lockwood Kipling. Bombay Art SchoolSoloman, Capt. W.E.G.
09ffLockwood Kipling. Photograph [: no information, but not 1883]
13Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 2: King’s Ankus white cobra speaksBloch, Regina Miriam
14Less-known Kipling writings + 002/02 (News & Notes)Martindell, Captain E.W.
24ffBeresford, George C. Photograph of M’Turk of ‘Stalky & Co’
25Engineers. Kipling and engineeringHon. Editor
28&01Hindustani. Glossary: words found in R.K.’s works C 004/29Maitland, W.G.B. + C
30Kipling Society, The. Members. 301 – 450 listed

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