Kipling Journal: KJ053

Published: Apr 1940

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3Bateman’s. Bequest to the National Trust and Mrs Kipling’s deathNotes
4Imperial Service College. Windsor and Westward Ho!, with illustrationNotes
4Misinformation. Corps of corregidoriNotes
5Elephants. Mud-walled stablesNotes + 055/01
7Tradition. Kipling traditions [: upheld in the early war years]Goschen, Viscount
8H.M.S. Kipling. Visit by the Hon. Secretary ‘…with a dozen dartboards…’Robinson, C.H.
10Kipling Journal, The. Swastika omitted and replaced by R.K. plaque
10Worst slip. Was Kipling trailing a red herring? C 054/34&35(2) 055/23Bazley, Basil M. + C3
11Forged letters [: ‘…they could not, under any circumstances, be genuine…’]Maitland, W.G.B. + 053/32
13Uncollected Kipling writings. Part 3 + 1882 K. photos + m.s. letterMartindell, Captain E.W.
18Quiz. Test your knowledge with these [10] questions Answers 054/22
19Children. Kipling’s characterisation of childrenGraham, Dr. H. Boyd
23Verse. Tribute to Kipling in verse by Rev. A. Vine Hall. Full textMaitland, W.G.B.
27Kipling Society, The. Cape Town branch. Kipling’s 12 best short stories[Reply: C 055/23]
28Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch activities. 1939 (2)Broughton, Mrs Grace
29Deed of daring [: youthful exploit of Chairman of Council]C
29GARDENER (D&C). Economy of implicationC
29Kipling Society, The. Lt. George MacMunn’s ‘deed of daring’ in 1892C
29TOMB OF HIS ANCESTORS (DW). Kipling originsC
30LIGHT THAT FAILED. Film review in ‘The Daily Telegraph’C1
31Eighteen-Nineties, by Holbrook Jackson. Pelican Series. [1913]. 6dBazley, B.M. (review)
31More selected stories, by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 3/6.[Brief listing]
32Kipling Society, The. Noise abatement league with offices on same floor['News Chronicle' excerpt]
FPBeerbohm. Max Beerbohm’s letter & caricature of R.K. in ‘School Budget’
FPSCHOOL BUDGET. Max Beerbohm’s letter & caricature of R.K.
InsertKipling Society, The. Members. List: 1st April 1940

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