Kipling Journal: KJ246

Published: Jun 1988

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9MES DÉMÊLÉS AVEC UN LION. Illustrations by H. Deluermoz + 245/03Editorial
10Annual luncheon 1988, including the address by Philip Mason (+photo p06)
17RED DOG (JB2). Death of Akela (illustration)Tresilian, Stuart
20TOMB OF HIS ANCESTORS (DW). The birth of a story [1956]Mason, Philip + illus
28Road to Armageddon; martial spirit in English popular literature, by C. EbyParry, Ann (review)
31Illustrated Kipling, edited by Neil Philip + illustrationKyle, Michael (review)
34THAT LOOK; an unpublished story, introduced by Kent FedorowichKipling, Rudyard (+illus)
47KING (SSv). Chosen bard queryC2

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