Kipling Journal: KJ157

Published: Mar 1966

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2Centenary. Westminster Abbey celebrations + Tape recording 157/25Editorial + Photo. 157/13
3Centenary. BBC radio and television programmesEditorial
4Centenary. Lectures [3] on KiplingEditorial
6Centenary. Articles on Kipling from various sources R 158/02 160/03&25Editorial + R
10Centenary. Exhibitions: Princetown University LibraryEditorial
11Auctions & sales. Centenary catalogue from Seumas StewartEditorial
12Centenary. President’s open letter of thanks to editor and officersHarbord, R.E.
14CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH (L&R). Discussion meeting (Editor)[Text] + C 158/28
20Quiz. Do you know?; discussion meeting contest Answers 158/20Inwood, P.W. (report)
22ARMY OF A DREAM (T&D). Some thoughtsMcGivering, J.H.
24Rudyard Kipling: an annotated bibliography of writings about him, ed. vars.Green, R. L. (review)
26Centenary. Melbourne branch activitySecretary's notes
26Kipling Journal, The. Index (annual) dropped [ ‘… keep your own’!]Secretary's notes
27PROPAGATION OF KNOWLEDGE (S&C). Ideas sparked off by D’IsraeliC2
29Islam. Sunni and Tirah query R 159/28 161/24C + R

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