Songs from Books I

Poems 1888-1909

(Notes edited by various hands)


The verses are listed in the order determined by Kipling when he was preparing the collection for U.K. publication in 1913.  Click  here for a listing by title, .here  for a listing by first line,and  here for a listing by the books in which they appear, noting the poems from Just So Stories and the Jungle Books which did not appear in the American edition of 2012.

See also the  the Chapter headings also included in Songs from Books.

Title Book First line Notes
Cities and Thrones and Powers Puck of Pook’s Hill . Cities and Thrones and Powers .
The Recall Actions and Reactions I am the land of their fathers
Puck’s Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . See you the ferny ride that steals
The Way through the Woods Rewards and Fairies . They shut the road through the woods
A Three-Part Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . I’m just in love with all these three
The Run of the Downs Rewards and Fairies . The Weald is good, the Downs are best
Brookland Road Rewards and Fairies . I was very well pleased with what I knowed
The Sack of the Gods The Naulahka Strangers drawn from the ends of the earth, jewelled and plumed were we
The Kingdom The Naulahka . Now we are come to our Kingdom
Tarrant Moss Plain Tales from the Hills I closed and drew for my love’s sake
Sir Richard’s Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . I followed my Duke ere I was a lover
A Tree Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . Of all the trees that grow so fair
Cuckoo Song . Heathfield Parish Memoirs Tell it to the locked-up trees
A Charm Rewards and Fairies . Take of English earth as much .
The Prairie Letters to the Family I see the grass shake in the sun for leagues on either hand
Cold Iron Rewards and Fairies . Gold is for the mistress-silver for the maid’ .
A Song of Kabir The Second Jungle Book . Oh, light was the world that he weighed in his hands!
A Carol Rewards and Fairies . Our Lord Who did the Ox command
My New-Cut Ashlae Life’s Handicap . My new-cut ashlar takes the light .
Eddi’s Service Rewards and Fairies . Eddi, priest of St. Wilfrid .
Shiv and the Grasshopper The Jungle Book Shiv, who poured the harvest and made the winds to blow
The Fairies’ Siege Kim . I have been given my charge to keep
A Song to Mithras Puck of Pook’s Hill . Mithras, God of the Morning, our trumpets waken the Wall!
The New Knighthood Actions and Reactions Who gives him the Bath? .
Outsong in the Jungle The Second Jungle Book For the sake of him who showed
Harp Song of the Dane Women Puck of Pook’s Hill , What is a woman that you forsake her
The Thousandth Man Rewards and Fairies . One man in a thousand, Solomon says
The Winners The Story of the Gadsbys What is the moral? Who rides may read
A St. Helena Lullaby Rewards and Fairies . How far is St. Helena from a little child at play?’
Chil’s Song The Second Jungle Book . These were my companions going forth by night
The Captive Traffics and Discoveries Not with an outcry to Allah nor any complaining
The Puzzler Actions and Reactions The Celt in all his variants from Builth to Ballyhoo
Hadramauti Plain Tales from the Hills Who knows the heart of the Christian? How does reason ?
Gallio’s Song Actions and Reactions All day long to the judgment-seat
The Bees and the Flies Actions and Reactions A farmer of the Augustan Age
Road-Song of the Bandar-log The Jungle Book Here we go in a flung festoon
,Our Fathers also’ . Traffics and Discoveries Thrones, Powers, Dominions, Peoples, Kings
A British-Roman Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . My father’s father saw it not
A Pict Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . Rome never looks where she treads .
The Stranger Letters to the Family The Stranger within my gate
Rimini Puck of Pook’s Hill . When I left Rome for Lalage’s sake .
Poor Honest Men Rewards and Fairies Your jar of Virginny .
When the Great Ark Letters to the Family When the Great Ark, in Vigo Bay
Prophets at Home Puck of Pook’s Hill . Prophets have honour all over the Earth
Jubal and Tubal Cain Letters to the Family Jubal sang of the Wrath of God
The Voortrekker Collected The gull shall whistle in his wake, the blind wave break in fire
A School Song Stalky & Co. ‘Let us now praise famous men’
The Law of the Jungle The Second Jungle Book . Now this is the Law of the Jungle-as old and as true as the sky
A Servant when he Reigneth Letters to the Family Three things make earth unquiet
,Our Fathers of Old’ Rewards and Fairies . Excellent herbs had our fathers of old
The Heritage The Empire and the Century Our Fathers in a wondrous age .
Song of the Fifth River Puck of Pook’s Hill . When first by Eden Tree
The Children’s Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . Land of our Birth, we pledge to thee
Parade-Song of the Camp-Animals .­ The Jungle Book We lent to Alexander the strength of Hercules
If— Rewards and Fairies . If you can keep your head when all about you .
The Prodigal Son Kim Here come I to my own again
The Necessitarian Traffics and Discoveries I know not in Whose hands are laid .
The Jester Collected There are three degrees of bliss
A Song of Travel Letters to the Family Where’s the lamp that Hero lit .
The Two-Sided Man Kim . . Much I owe to the Land that grew .
Lukannon The Jungle Book I met my mates in the morning (and oh but I am old!)
An Astrologer’s Song Rewards and Fairies . To the Heavens above us .
The Power of the Dog Actions and Reactions There is sorrow enough in the natural way
The Rabbi’s Song Actions and Reactions If Thought can reach to Heaven
The Bee Boy’s Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . Bees! Bees! Hark to your bees!
The Return of the Children Traffics and Discoveries Neither the harps nor the crowns amused, nor the cherubs’ dove-winged races .
Merrow Down Just So Stories . There runs a road by Merrow Down .
Old Mother Laidinwool Puck of Pook’s Hill . Old Mother Laidinwool had nigh twelve months been dead ‘
The Camel’s Hump Just So Stories The Camel’s hump is an ugly lump
When the cabin portholes … Just So Stories . When the cabin port-holes are dark and green .
I am the Most Wise Baviaan Just So Stories I am the Most Wise Baviaan, saying in most wise tones
I Keep Six Honest Serving-men Just So Stories I keep six honest serving-men
This is the mouth-filling song Just So Stories . This is the mouth-filling song of the race that was run by a Boomer
I’ve never sailed the Amaxon Just So Stories I’ve never sailed the Amazon
China-going P & Os Just So Stories . China-going P. and G.’s
Pussy can sit by the fire Just So Stories Pussy can sit by the fire and sing
There was never a Queen like Balkis Just So Stories There was never a Queen like Balkis
The Looking-Glass. Rewards and Fairies . Queen Bess was Harry’s daughter. Stand forward partners all!
The Queen’s Men Rewards and Fairies . Valour and Innocence .
The City of Sleep The Day’s Work Over the edge of the purple down
The Widower Various For a season there must be pain
The Prayer of Miriam Cohen Many Inventions From the wheel and the drift of Things
The Song of the Little Hunter. The Second Jungle Book . Ere Mor the Peacock flutters, ere the Monkey People cry
Gow’s Watch Kim Your tiercel’s too long at hack, Sir. He’s no eyass .
The Wishing Caps Kim Life’s all getting and giving
By the Hoof of the Wild Goat Plain Tales from the Hills By the Hoof of the Wild Goat uptossed
Song of the Red War-Boat Rewards and Fairies . Shove off from the wharf edge ! Steady !
Morning Song in the Jungle The Second Jungle Book . One moment past our bodies cast
Blue Roses The Light that Failed Roses red and roses white .
A Ripple Song. The Second Jungle Book Once a ripple came to land
Butterflies . Traffics and Discoveries Eyes aloft, over dangerous places
My Lady’s Law The Naulahka The Law whereby my lady moves
The Nursing Sister. The Naulahka Our sister sayeth such and such
The Love Song of Har Dyal Plain Tales from the Hills Alone upon the housetops to the North
A Dedication Songs from Books And they were stronger hands than mine .
Mother o’ Mine . The Light that Failed If I were hanged on the highest hill .
The Only Son. Many Inventions She dropped the bar, she shot the bolt, she fed the fire anew
Mowgli’s Song against People The Second Jungle Book I will let loose against you the fleet-footed vines
The Egg-shell Traffics and Discoveries The wind took off with the sunset
The King’s Task Traffics and Discoveries After the sack of the City, when Rome was sunk to a name
Poseidon’s Law . Traffics and Discoveries When the robust and Brass-bound Man commissioned first for sea
A Truthful Song Rewards and Fairies . I tell this tale, which is strictly true .
A Smugglers’ Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . If you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet
King Henry VII. and the Shipwrights Rewards and Fairies . Harry, our King in England, from London town is gone.
The Wet Litany Traffics and Discoveries When the water’s countenance
The Ballad of Minepit Shaw Rewards and Fairies . About the time that taverns shut
Heriot’s Ford The Light that Failed I What’s that that hirples at my side?’
Frankie’s Trade Rewards and Fairies . Old Horn to All Atlantic said
The Juggler’s Song . Kim When the drums begin to beat .
Thorkild’s Song Puck of Pook’s Hill . There’s no wind along these seas
Angutivaun Taina The Second Jungle Book Our gloves are stiff with the frozen blood .
Hunting Song of the Seeonee Pack The Jungle Book As the dawn was breaking the Sambhur belied
Song of the Men’s Side Rewards and Fairies . Once we feared The Beast-when he followed us we ran .
Darzee’s Chaunt The Jungle Book Singer and tailor am I
Song of the Galley-slaves Many Imventions We pulled for you when the wind was against us
The Four Angels Actions and Reactions As Adam lay a-dreaming beneath the Apple Tree
The Prayer Kim My Brother kneels, so saith Kabir .