Pussy can sit
by the fire

Pussy can sit by the fire and sing, 
  Pussy can climb a tree,
Or play with a silly old cork and string 
  To 'muse herself, not me.
But I like Binkie my dog, because 
  He knows how to behave;
So, Binkie's the same as the First Friend was, 
  And I am the Man in the Cave.

Pussy will play man-Friday till
  It's time to wet her paw
And make her walk on the window-sill 
  (For the footprint Crusoe saw); 
Then she fluffles her tail and mews, 
  And scratches and won't attend.
But Binkie will play whatever I choose, 
  And he is my true First Friend!

Pussy will rub my knees with her head 
  Pretending she loves me hard;
 But the very minute I go to my bed 
  Pussy runs out in the yard,
And there she stays till the morning-light; 
  So I know it is only pretend;
But Binkie, he snores at my feet all night, 
  And he is my Firstest Friend!