Thorkild’s Song

(notes edited by Philip Holberton)


This poem was first published in Puck of Pook’s Hill in 1906, in association with the story “The Knights of the Joyous Venture”, and reprinted in numerous subsequent editions of that collection.
Songs from Books and Definive Verse add between the present stanzas four and five:

She wants to be at her own home pier,
To shift her sails and sanding gear.

She wants to be in her winter-shed
To strip herself and go to bed.

[line 2] Stavanger in south-west Norway.

[line 4] wake the white-ash breeze i.e. row; again, presumably, an imitation of a kenning.

[line 22] a three-reef gale A ‘reef’ is one of the horizontal sections of a sail, usually three or four in number, which can be successively rolled up to diminish the area exposed to the wind.


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