A Truthful Song

(notes by Donald Mackenzie)


Published in Rewards and Fairies (1910) where it follows “The Wrong Thins”

Notes on the text

[line 18] Lot or Methusalem patriarchs in Genesis. Notes on the text

[ine 19] Moses (a man I hate) To save his people, Moses brought down the ten Plagues of Egypt, led the Children of Israel out of captivity and destroyed the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. (Exodus 7-14) No wonder Pharaoh hated him!

[line 30] China barque a three-masted vessel with fore- and mainmasts square-rigged and mizen-mast fore-and-aft-rigged.

[line 37] caulkyers to caulk is to stop up the seams of a ship with oakum and pitch.

[line 42] Japhet … Shem … Ham sons of Noah, the last traditionally the ancestor of the negroid races.

[line 48] hooker applied depreciatively or fondly to a ship.


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