The Later Years

(by title)

The poems are listed by title; click here for a listing by year of publication, and here for a listing by first line.

Year Title First line Notes
1932 Akbar’s Bridge Jelaludin Muhammed Akbar, Guardian of Mankind.
1926 Alnaschar and the Oxen There’s a pasture in the valley where the hanging woods divide
1937 The Appeal If I have given you delight
1932 At His Execution I am made all things to all men—
1932 Azrael’s Count Lo! The Wild Cow of the Desert, her yeanling estrayed from her
1926 Banquet Night Once in so often,’ King Solomon said
1926 The Birthright We have such wealth as Rome at her most pride
1933 The Bonfires We know the Rocket’s upward whizz
1926 The Burden One grief on me is laid
1934 Cain and Abel Cain and Abel were brothers born
1926 The Centaurs Up came the young Centaur-colts from the plain they were fathered in
1926 The Changelings Or ever the battered liners sank
1925 Chartres Windows Colour fulfils where Music has no power
1920 The Clerks and the Bells The merry clerks of Oxenford they stretch themselves at ease
1932 The Coiner Against the Bermudas we foundered, whereby
1923 A Counting-out Song What is the song the children sing
1932 The Curé Long years ago, ere R-lls or R-ce
1923 A Departure Since first the White Horse Banner blew free
1932 Dinah in Heaven She did not know that she was dead
1932 The Disciple He that hath a Gospel
1923 Doctors Man dies too soon, beside his works half-planned
1929 The English Way After the fight at Otterburn
1932 The Expert Youth that trafficked long with Death
1930 The Flight When the grey geese heard the Fool’s tread
1932 Four-Feet I have done mostly what most men do
1933 Fox-Hunting When Samson set my brush afire
1927 The Friends I had some friends – but I dreamed that they were dead—
1932 Gertrude’s Prayer That which is marred at birth Time shall not mend
1926 Gipsy Vans Unless you come of the gipsy stock
1925 The Glories In Faiths and Food and Books and Friends—
1926 Gow’s Watch, Acts II.,IV.,V. Your tiercel’s too long at hack, Sir. He’s no eyass…
1932 His Apologies Master, this is Thy Servant. He is rising eight weeks old
1923 The Hour of the Angel Sooner or late – in earnest or in jest—
1935 Hymn of Breaking Strain The careful text-books measure
1929 Hymn of the Triumphant Airman Oh long had we paltered
1932 Hymn to Physical Pain Dread Mother of Forgetfulness
1926 Jane’s Marriage Jane went to Paradise:
1923 The Junk and the Dhow Once, a pair of savages found a stranded tree
1935 The King and the Sea After His Realms and States were moved
1922 The King’s Pilgrimage Our King went forth on Pilgrimage
1923 The Last Lap How do we know, by the bank-high river
1926 The Last Ode As watchers couched beneath a Bantine oak
1926 Late Came the God Late came the God, having sent his forerunners who were not regarded—
1926 A Legend of Truth Once on a time, the ancient legends tell
1920 Lollius Once on a time, the ancient legends tell
1923 London Stone When you come to London Town
1923 The Master-Cook With us there rade a Maister-Cook that came
1930 Memories Though all the Dead were all forgot
1932 The Mother’s Son I have a dream – a dreadful dream—
1932 Naaman’s Song Go, wash thyself in Jordan – go wash thee and be clean!
1932 Neighbours The man that is open of heart to his neighbour
1934 Non Nobis Domine! Non nobis Domine!
1923 The Nurses When, with a pain he desires to explain to the multitude (his servitors), Baby howls
1934 Ode (Melbourne Shrine Of Remembrance) So long as memory, valour, and faith endure
1927 The Open Door England is a cosy little country
1935 Our Lady of the Sackcloth There was a Priest at Philae
1934 A Pageant of Elizabeth Like Princes crowned they bore them
1932 The Penalty Once in life I watched a Star
1932 The Playmate She is not Folly – that I know
1927 Poison of Asps Poison of asps is under our lips?
1926 The Portent Oh, late withdrawn from human-kind
1923 Preface to Land & Sea Tales To all to whom this little book may come
1926 Rahere Rahere, King Henry’s Jester, feared by all the Norman Lords
1926 A Rector’s Memory The Gods that are wiser than Learning
1933 Samuel Pepys Like as the Oak, whose roots descend
1927 A Song in the Desert Friend, thou beholdest the lightning? Who has the charge of it
1927 A Song of Bananas Have you no Bananas, simple townsmen all?
1924 A Song of French Roads Now praise the Gods of Time and Chance
1932 Song of Seventy Horses Once again the Steamer at Calais – the tackles
1927 Song of the Dynamo How do I know what Order brings
1932 The Storm Cone This is the midnight – let no star
1927 Such as in Ships Such as in Ships and brittle Barks
1928 Supplication of the Black Aberdeen I pray! My little body and whole span
1926 The Supports To Him who made (makes) the Heavens abide, and gave the stars their motion
1926 The Survival Securely, after days
1932 The Threshold In their deepest caverns of limestone
1933 To the Companions How comes it that, at even-tide
1932 The Totem Ere the mother’s milk had dried
1927 Two Races I seek not what his soul desires
1926 Untimely Nothing in life has been made by man for man’s using
1926 The Vineyard At the eleventh hour he came
1930 The Waster From the date that the doors of his prep-school close
1926 We and They Father, Mother, and Me