Early Verse

Schoolboy Lyrics and Echoes

The poems are listed in the order determined when the collection was being prepared for publication; click here for a listing by title, and here for a listing by first line.

Title First line Notes
Lo! As a little child Lo! As a little child
The Dusky Crew Our heads were rough and our hands were black
Two sides of the medal I will into the world, I will make me a name
This side the Styx Naked and shivering, how the oozy tide
Reading the Will Here we have it, scratched and scored
An echo Let the fruit ripen one by one
Caret Something wanting in this world
Roses Roses by babies’ rosier fingers pressed
The Lesson We two learned the lesson together
The Song of the Sufferer His drink it is Saline Pyretic
The Front Door I stand and guard – such ones as say
The Seven Nights of Creation (‘Argument’ of a projected poem) Lo! what is this I make! Are these his limbs
Conventionality Passion and Fire – bah! are they ever linked with beauty?
‘Donec Gratus Eram’ So (Es) long as ‘twuz (’twas) me alone
The Boar of the Year In the shade of the trees by the lunch-tent the Old Haileyburian sat
The Battle of Assaye Save (See) where our huge sea-castles from afar
On Fort Duty There’s tumult in the Khyber
To the Common Room Placetne, Domini? – in far Lahore
The Song of the Exiles That long white Barrack by the Sea
Envy Hatred.and Malice Let us praise Such an One
A Legend of Devonshire There were three daughters long ago
Illusion, disillusion, allusion Fairest of women is she
Overheard So the day dragged through
The Jam-pot The Jam-pot – tender thought
From the Wings We are actors at the side-scenes ere the play of life begins
Credat Judaeus Three couples were we in the lane
Solus cum sola We were alone on the beach
Missed There is one moment when the gods are kind
Requiescat in pace A new-made grave, for the damp earth stood
Ave Imperatrix From every quarter of your land
A Vision of India Mother India, wan and thin
The ‘City of the Heart’ I passed through the lonely Indian town
The Indian farmer at Home Hoots! toots! ayont, ahint, afore
The Flight of the Bucket H’m, for a subject it is well enough!
Laocoon Under the shadow of Death
Nursery Rhymes for little Anglo-Indians I had a little husband’ �’Jack’s own Jill goes up the Hill’ �’Mary, Mary, quite contrary’ � ‘See-saw, Justice and Law’ etc.
Tobacco Sweet is the Rose’s scent – Tobacco’s smell
Appropriate verses on an Elegant Landscape The fields were upholstered with poppies so red
His Consolation So be it; you give me my release
The Cursing of Stephen I turned the pages of the baby’s book
Jane Smith I journeyed, on a winter’s day
Nursery Idyls (I) to (V) A little sigh, a little shiver� Daffodils in English fields � In England elm-leaves fall …Here’s a mongoose � Tara Chand is the gardener’s mate
Sonnet, On Being Rejected of One’s Horse Give me my rein, my sais! Give me my rein!
Kopra-Brahm Cosmic force and Cawnpore leather
The Sudder Bazaar The motive that calls for my ditty
Commonplaces Rain on the face of the sea
Quaeritur Dawn that disheartens the desolate dunes
London Town There’s no God in London
Himalayan Now the land is ringed with a circle of fire
Our Lady of Many Dreams We pray to God, and to God it seems
A Murder in the Compound At the wall’s foot a smear of fly-flecked red
‘Way down the Ravi River’ I wandered by the riverside
Amour de Voyage And I was a man who could write you rhyme
Failure One brought her Fire from a distant place
How the Day Broke The night was very silent, and the moon was going down
A Locked Way Open the Gate!
Land-bound Run down to the sea, O River
The Ballad of the King’s Daughter If my Love come to me over the water
How the Goddess Awakened Where the reveller laid him, drunk with wine
The Maid of the Meerschaum Nude nymph, when from Neuberg’s I led her
Estunt the Griff And so unto the End of Graves came he
Cavaliere servente Alas for me, who loved my bow-wow well!

See also the note by David Richards in his pages for Collectors.