Cosmic force and Cawnpore leather 
Hold my walking-boots together.
All the gnomes of Under-earth 
Travailed at my tie-pin's birth. 
Myriad dryads, nude and quick, 
Brake for me my walking-stick, 
Breathing still in every knot
Of the Javan bamboo-plot.
Brotherly, where'er I go, 
Sheep regard my paletot,
And the silkworm thrills to note 
How his fathers warm my throat. 
Atropos, with iron shears,
Cut the cap that guards my ears.- 
Thus Alphonso's mind can see
In each garment Deity.
And though loose the trousers' fit, 
Nature's forces fashioned it.
Wherefore, steads it not to see 
Tailor's work critically! 
But, with wide-embracing mind, 
Gaze at them before, behind.
Since, beyond his needful clothes, 
Something more each man-soul owes, 
Brahma shall endue thy shirt,
(With thy belt is Zeus engirt), 
And the tread of either sole 
Waken echoes round the Pole!

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